Knetizens Talk About The Best K-Pop Song Of The Year

Knetizens talked about the ‘Best K-Pop Song Of The Year.’

On an online community forum, Korean netizens shared their opinion about the best K-Pop songs released throughout 2021.

Knetizens commented:

1. Next Level

2. It didn’t come out this year, but in terms of hits, isn’t it Rollin?

3. Traffic lights

4. Butter 

5. Celebrity

6. Alcohol-Free

7. Butter is a mega-hit from all over the world

8. Next Level, Rollin, Traffic Lights

9. Butter, Rollin

10. Rollin. I haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t listen to this

11. The song that represents 2021 is Neck Level

12. This year’s song is Rollin


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