MONSTA X Jooheon And Kihyun Wows With A Cover Of aespa ‘Savage’

MONSTA X Jooheon and Kihyun sing aespa ‘Savage.’

Part 1 + Part 2:


Knetizens commented:

1. Wow, you’re really good. As expected, talented idols are the best

2. They’re so good at this

3. They’re both so good. I can feel Jooheon is really passionate. You can put Kiheon as the main vocalist

4. Why are you both so good?

5. Both of them are vocalists. They’re so handsome. It’s refreshing

6. That’s so nice. Please post a video cover

7. Wow, shouldn’t they do a year-end performance with aespa at this point? I really miss you so much.

8. Wow, Kihyun is really good

9. I didn’t know you were such a good singers

10. Wow, that’s so nice. Seriously…Please officially release it

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