Knetizens Criticize BTS’ Outfits On The ‘American Music Award’ Red Carpet

Knetizens react to BTS at the ‘American Music Award.’

On a recent online community forum, one netizen created a post titled, “AMAs BTS Red Carpet.” The netizen uploaded a series of photos that show the outfits of the boys on the red carpet of the prestigious music award.


In response, netizens commented:

1. It’s really not good. ㅜㅜ What’s wrong with their outfits?

2. Gucci’s outfit looked really good when they attended in 2018, so I can’t help but feel sorry for this outfit

3. What’s wrong with the fit of the pants? They all look short

4. Are the wrinkles on the pants for real? The design is pretty, but how can the wrinkles and pants be like that? 

5. They’re attending the awards ceremony in person, but why are they dressed like that? I’m really upset

6. The pants are dragging on the floor, but BTS is pretty. Hah!

7. The wrinkles… Is it because the size doesn’t fit? Or maybe they didn’t iron it… The clothes themselves are okay

8. I just saw the upper body and thought it was okay, but I was surprised by the pants

9. Idols should wear skinny jeans

10. I wasn’t the only one who thought the outfit was weird

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