Netizens Adore How Cute And Pretty TWICE’s Tzuyu Looks With Glasses In Latest Instagram Update

TWICE‘s Tzuyu attracted attention thanks to her sweet charm.

On November 21, Tzuyu uploaded a few photos on Instagram along with the caption, “Thank you for cheering us on until the end!! We always love you ONCE.”

In the uploaded pictures, Tzuyu is staring at the camera with a cute expression on her face. She also captured all eyes with her long straight hair and wearing glasses.

After seeing the photos, fans commented, “So cute I love you so much,” “Beautiful,” “A princess,” “Tzuyu best girl,” OMG Tzuyu with glasses,” and “Precious being.”

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Meanwhile, Meanwhile, TWICE released its third full-length album, Formula of Love: O+T=<3, on November 12.

Check out Tzuyu’s post below!

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