BLACKPINK Jennie’s Plain Clothes, Knetizens React

BLACKPINK’s Jennie captivates with her style.

Recently, on an online community forum, one netizen created a post titled, ‘Jennie’s plain clothes.‘ He also uploaded a series of photos that show Jennie in her casual outfits.


In response, netizens commented:

1. She looks cute

2. Jennie’s owns clothes

3. The proportion is everything

4. I was looking at the pictures and I thought, “This is legendary…Oh, this was legendary, too.Ah, this was also a legend.I found myself doing this

5. Her plain clothes are really pretty. Jennie is Jennie

6. Jennie is so cute

7. I really like Jennie. She’s cute, cool, and hip. I really want to resemble her

8. JENNIE’s fashion sense is really good

9. Wow, all Jennie’s clothes are pretty

10. Chanel in plain clothes

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