Knetizens Talk About This Rookie Actor Who Looks Like BTS Jin

Knetizens talked about a rookie actor who looks like BTS Jin.

On November 11, one netizen posted on an online community a series of photos of a rookie actor named Kim Min Kyu.

Kim Min Kyu, who was previously a contestant of ‘Produce X101,’ is currently busy with his acting career.

The screenshots below are from the drama “IDOL: The Coup,” where Kim Min Kyu plays Jihan, the leader of the boy group Mars.

source post: theQoo

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1. I thought he looked like Cha Eunwoo, but that screenshot looks like Jin

2. I thought he looked like Hwang Minhyun

3. It really looks like him. Oh…

4. I came here saying, “It’s Jin”, but it wasn’t

5. I think they have similar faces

6. They’re both so handsome

7. I don’t think they look that similar in other pictures

8. He looks like Cha Eunwoo

9. Handsome people resemble each other to a certain extent. That’s all

10. Anyway, thank you for being handsome

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