Knetizens Amazed By TWICE’s ‘SCIENTIST’ New MV Teaser

Knetizens react to TWICE’s “SCIENTIST” second MV teaser.

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1. It’s like TWICE but it’s like a new TWICE. I like it

2. Oh, the song is unique. I’m looking forward to it

3. Ohhh Lachica made the choreography

4. Wow, the melody is so nice. I’m looking forward to the full version

5. The dance is unique, too. I think the response will be good this time

6. Wow, I’m hooked on it as soon as I hear it. It’s so nice

7.  The concept is so pretty, too

8. So cute. Dahyun’s hair is so pretty

9. Nayeon’s voice is so catchy. I think the song will be good. I’m looking forward to it

10. I can’t wait to see TWICE’s dance

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