Kang Daniel To Release A Remake Of Epik High’s ‘Fly With Chancellor

Kang Daniel and Chancellor will work together in a duet.

On November 10, Cyworld Jet e Superman C&M said, “Kang Daniel and Chancellor will participate as new singers of Cyworld BGM 2021 and release a remake of Epik High’s Fly.”

The two artists will reinterpret the song in a different mood from the original song, giving it freshness.

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Epic High’s song “Fly” is the title song of its third full-length album “Swan Songs” released in 2005.

The original singer Epik High Tablo said, “There have been many requests for a remake of Epik High’s songs, but I couldn’t allow it because I thought touching memories was not easy to decide.” However, when I heard the “Fly” remake demo, I thought, “Isn’t memory something new that makes the coming tomorrow rich, not yesterday?” and added, “I’m grateful to Kang Daniel and Chancellor for discovering new feelings in the past days.”

The song will be released on November 16 at 6 p.m.

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