10 Kpop Idols Who Have Adopted Abandoned Dogs, Knetizens React

Rosé ♥ Hank

Hank is probably the most famous dog star in the world

Bomi ♥ Sugar

Yoon Bomi, who is famous for volunteering for abandoned dogs.

Tzuyu ♥ Kaya

Tzuyu ♥ Butter

Kaya was a little bit timid, but she said she’s adjusting well with TZUYU’s care

Momo ♥ Dobby

She gets along very well with Boo and Tzuyu’s Butter, which Momo used to live with

Jisung Yoon ♥ Vero

Adoption through an abandoned dog shelter

Aaron ♥ Flower Sooni

Aaron has adopted after a friend rescued an abandoned dog because it lost too much hair

Jungwon ♥ Maeumi

Maeumi was adopted by his family while he was working

Moonbyul ♥ Janggu

Adopted from a Korean dog shelter 

Hyuna + E’Dawn ♥ Haetnim 

Hyuna and DAWN adopt a rescue dog together

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1. My heart is very very very warm

2. I like all the celebrities who raise stray dogs rather than celebrities who raise real breed cats.

3. It’s nice to see, next time a cat episode

4. Wow, everyone’s liking is increasing. I wasn’t interested in idols, but I’m a little interested

5. All the puppies look happy

6. There are surprisingly a lot

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