Song Hyekyo Melts Hearts At The “Now We’re Breaking Up” Press Conference

Knetizens talked about actress Song Hyekyo‘s beauty at the press conference for her new drama.

On November 9, on an online community, a netizen posted several pictures of Song Hyekyo at the SBS upcoming drama “Now We’re Breaking Up” online media conference.

Many netizens agreed that the actress’s visual is overwhelming.

Source: theQoo


1. Pretty ㅠㅠ

2. She really doesn’t get old. I’m jealous

3. She’s so pretty… I think I’m the only one getting old

4. Are your legs for real? They’re so pretty

5. She’s so beautiful. How can she look like this?

6. She looks like a fairy

7. What is this editing? I want to see her pretty face more clearly

8. Seriously, Song Hyekyo is the prettiest

9. People who use filters on Song Hyegyo’s photos should have seen their photos first

10. I saw her actually filming that. She was really pretty during lunchtime ㅠㅠ

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