Knetizens Crazily In Love With IVE LeeSeo’s Predebut Pictures

Knetizens praised IVE LeeSeo‘s predebut pictures.

On an online community, a netizen shared the predebut pictures of IVE’s maknae Lee Seo.

Lee Seo was born on February 20, 2007, and she is the youngest member of Starship’s new girl group.

Many Kneitzens are mesmerized by her beauty, stating that Leeseo’s visual is overwhelming.

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source post: Instiz


1. So cute

2. Pretty girls have pretty eyebrows, too

3. Wow, why are you so pretty?

4. Wow, they’re all faces without makeup

5. You grew up just like that. You’re pretty, baby

6. Why is the baby so pretty? But the picture is in high definition

7. She looks like a deer

8. Wow, what’s with the length of her legs?

9. She’s a baby. Her legs are so long

10. Did she works as a model?

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