Knetizens Criticize aespa For Copying BLACKPINK Style

aespa’s coordi it’s similar to BLACKPINK.

original post: pann

1. [+680, -244] But isn’t it obvious that aespa is going to ride the same BLACKPINK route? Lee Sooman debuted SuperM to go to the US after watching BTS. It’s so salty

2. [+647, -73] BLACKPINK’s style is awesome. Even if you want to copy it, you can’t copy it.

3. [+285, -25] BLACKPINK’s outfit looks so pretty

4. [+196, -14] Aside from BLACKPINK, those clothes are common on the streets

5. [+155, -28] I think it’s because the Argyle pattern is popular these days

6. [+152, -73] I wore a uniform when I went out. You can say that I copied aespa

7. [+89, -77] It’s different. It’s like vintage clothes made with luxury goods

8. [+87, -100] Karina has really bad proportions

9. [+77, -9] They are not similar except for the skirt

10. [+77, -9] I’m a BLINK, but I don’t care much about it. Our members are pretty and aespa are pretty too, so let’s stop talking about it

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