Knetizens Talk About aespa Karina’s Face With Messy Hair On Stage

aespa Karina’s face with messy hair on stage.

original post: theqoo


– Karina is a goddess

– Wow, she’s so pretty

– She looks like a Westerner… So beautiful…

– Karina is unrivaled. I’ve never seen such a face before. So pretty. ㅠㅠ

– Karina is so pretty this time

– Crazy… This kind of hair is prettier

– Wow, her face is elegant, gorgeous, and unique, but more than that, her body shape? Body line? She’s really pretty. I was jealous when I saw her neck and forearm

– Give me the fancam! Give me the fancam ㅠㅠ

– She’s the prettiest in my eyes these days

– Every time I see her, she’s like graphics or AI, so I’m surprised. Today, she’s a bit more natural

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