Knetizens Shocked By Somi’s Impressive Weight Loss (172cm x 46kg)

original post: theQoo


1. It looks like she has a lot of muscle mass, so there is almost no body fat

2. She seems to have become more mature and beautiful ㅜㅜ

3. Wow, she’s a Barbie doll. Very pretty

4. Somi, stay healthy. Your hair color looks great on you

5. 172 and 46kg is really scary. You have to be that skinny to look this pretty

6. Honestly, she’s the prettiest right now…But I was surprised to hear her height and weight

7. She’s obviously underweight

8. I thought she had a great figure during the previous promotions, but she got prettier

9. The senior I worked with during Somi’s commercial said she has a good personality, so I like her more

10. It’s weird to be underweight, to take it to the limit, and praise her for being pretty.

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