7 Iconic GOT7 BamBam’s Ending Fairies Of “riBBon” Live Stages

GOT7 BamBamam‘s ending fairies were simply iconic. His visual and charisma melted everyone’s heart during the promotion of his solo song ‘riBBon.’

Here are 7 GIFs that will make fans fall in love even more with him.

  1. The GOT7 hand sign (M Countdown – June 17)

2. The Italian tiktoker Khaby Lame hand gesture (Music Bank – June 18)

3. The Ahgase sign (Music Core – June 19)

4. The Wakanda pose (Inkigayo – June 20)

5. The meow pose (The Show – June 22)

6. Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb ending pose (Show Champion – June 23)

7. The disappeared ending fairy (Inkigayo – June 27)

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