Knetizens Have Mixed Reactions Over aespa’s “Next Level” Music Video

Knetizens react to aespa’s “Next Level” MV.

On May 17, rookie girl group aespa officially made their comeback with a new single titled “Next Level.“

This song marks aespa’s first comeback since debuting on November 17, 2020, with the release of their debut single, “Black Mamba.”


1. Wow, that’s a great song and they’re so cool

2. I love the background music

3. I love their voices ㅜㅜ It’s not my style, but I like it because it’s aespa

4. I can’t wait to see the stage. I like the song because it’s fresh ㅠㅠ

5. I think they’re good singers

6. It feels like a mix of songs

7. Why is the song so messy…? There are a lot of good things, but it’s too messy

8. What’s up with the arrangements?

9. The song is good ㅠㅠ Too bad it suddenly turns into another song in the middle part

10. It doesn’t sound like a single song

11. Oh, I love it. I’ve watched the music video 8 times so far. I’ll repeat it indefinitely

12. It’s good, but it’s not as exciting as I thought it’d be

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