Knetizens Comment BTS’ Outfit For ‘Butter’ Group Teaser Photo

Knetizens react to BTS‘ ‘Butter‘ group teaser photo.

On May 9, BTS uploaded a new group teaser photo ahead of ‘Butter’ comeback. The teaser shows BTS members looking directly at the camera with a deep gaze. They also mesmerize with their new hair colors and elegant clothes.

The new English single ‘Butter’ is set to arrive on May 21, 1 PM KST.


1. Hurry up and release the song ㅠㅠㅠ

2.  I hope the 21st comes soon

3. Jungkook’s purple ponytail hair is awesome

4. I’m confused because everyone looks sexy except for the logo

5. Jimin looks great with fancy hair lol and Jungkook, you look great with your hair tied up

6. It’s just like dynamite. Dynamite with more variety of hair colors… If the company wants dynamite 2, it makes sense, but it feels a bit confusing

7. Stop wearing suits, they’re an idol, I’m an office worker

8. I thought it was a light summer song, but the teaser’s a little sexy. I’m so curious

9. I was looking forward to sporty stuff, but this is good, too

10. Their face make their outfit look good

11.No matter how much I look at them, they’re so handsome!?! ㅠㅠ

12. Another bright suit. No more sporty old school look

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