Apink’s Naeun Signs With YG Entertainment As An Actress

Apink‘s Naeun signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

On May 3, YG announced that Naeun has officially signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

YG Entertainment said: “We are glad to be able to work with Son Naeun, who is talented in many ways. We will give full support to Son Naeun, who is in an important time to make a new leap forward as an actress so that she can fully display her capabilities.”

Naeun, who made her debut as an Apink member in 2011, has been through several dramas such as “Second 20’s,” “Cinderella and the Four Knights,” and the movie “Yeogokseong.”

This year, she will also appear in JTBC’s new drama “Human Disqualification.”

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment includes actors Lee Sungkyung, Cha Seungwon, Choi Jiwoo, Yoo In-na, Park Sandara, Claudia Kim, and many more.

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