TWICE Received The Diamond Play Button From YouTube, Netizens React

JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE received the Diamond Play Button.

On April 30, TWICE released an unboxing video of the Diamond Button received from YouTube.

This is because TWICE has reached a total of more than 10 million subscribers on their official Youtube channel.

Congratulations to TWICE and enjoy their video below!


1. TWICE QUEENS congratulations

2. Twice deserves more subscribers and views.

3. Yay! Finally we can see Jeongyeon now

4. Happy to see Jeongyeon here

5. OMG they are so beautiful and momo with long hairr cute

6. Congratulations! They deserve that and more

7. Mina standing in the back but always shining

8. Momo looks so fancy holding the play button

9. The way they’ll cut it into 9 pieces so that everyone can have one

10. Congratulations you guys are soo talented you need this

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