Knetizens React To The Announcement Of BTS’ New English Single ‘Butter’

Knetizens react to the announcement of BTS‘s new single!

On April 27, Big Hit Music released a short teaser of BTS’s new digital single titled ‘Butter.’

The new English single “Butter” is a song that exudes the charm of BTS that will melt like butter into your daily life. 

This will mark the return of BTS following the release of the album “BE” and the MV for “Life Goes On” in November 2020.

“Butter” is set to arrive on May 21, 1 PM KST.


1. I’m already excited

2. I think it’s gonna be great

3. It’s already a masterpiece

4. Butter💛 design is so cute. I’m looking forward to it

5. It’s so pretty. It’s driving me crazy

6. Finally a new song

7. What genre is it? I hope it’s really cute and sexy funky

8. I’m looking forward to BTS’ song. Dynamite was so good

9. The song’s already so good

10. I love the title. I can’t wait to hear the song

11. I’m already happy. I love it

12. The concept is really cute

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