Soojin Removed From (G)I-DLE’s New Song Due To Her Bullying Scandal

(G)I-DLE will release a new song without Soojin.

According to Universe Music on the 19th, “Last Dance (Prod. Groovy Room),” completed all recording, music video, and other additional contents in February this year and was scheduled to be released at the end of April.

However, due to Soojin’s bullying allegations, the group re-recorded the song, and it will be released with 5 members only.

Universe Music will also re-edit the music video that costs a lot of money and involved production staff from several partner companies to minimize the amount of Soojin’s appearance.

Earlier in February, a netizen posted an article online raising suspicions that Soojin was a perpetrator of school violence during her school days, sparking controversy. 

In response, Cube Entertainment released a statement explaining that Soojin had an argument with the younger brother of the netizen who posted the article but was not a perpetrator of school violence. 

Soojin is currently on a temporary hiatus.

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