Knetizens Go Grazy Over Kang Daniel’s ‘Antidote’ Second MV Teaser

Knetizens share their love for Kang Daniel’s ‘Antidote‘ MV teaser! 

On April 11, on a popular online Korean forum, knetizens shared their thoughts over Kang Daniel’s ‘Antidote’ second music video teaser. 

The singer will be back with his third mini-album ‘YELLOW’ on April 13. The album contains 6 songs of various music genres, including the title track “Antidote.”

Check out Knetizens’ comments below!

“I’m really curious about the entire dance”

“The beat is awesome”

“Oh, God Daniel”

“I like the sound and the beat, so I want to know more”

“I wonder what the song is like”

“Wow, my heart is beating fast”

“I’m really curious about the entire dance”

“I can’t wait to see the stage”

“It’s crazy. It’s going to be a hit”

“Beat’s amazing. Kang Daniel, why are you handsome? “

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