Bae Suzy Flaunts Her Goddess-Like Beauty In Latest Instagram Update + Netizens Reactions

Singer and actress Bae Suzy revealed a mesmerizing behind-the-scenes of her latest photoshoot.

On April 9, Bae Suzy posted a new photo on Instagram along with the caption, “🤍.

In the picture, Suzy poses in a white dress that exposes her shoulders. In particular, Suzy’s beautiful face and luxurious body have attracted people’s admiration.

Fans left many positive comments such as, “OMG so pretty,” “Glowing glowing glowing,” “What a Goddess,” “You are so beautiful,” “The most beautiful woman in the world forever,” and “I hope you are always happy.”

Meanwhile, Suzy will star in the new film “Wonderland,” directed by Kim Taeyong.

Check out the picture below:

Photo: skuukzky/Instagram

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