Knetizens React To Kang Daniel’s ‘Antidote’ MV Teaser… And They Love It!

Knetizens already love Kang Daniel’s new song!

On April 7, on a popular Korean community, knetizens shared their thoughts regarding Kang Daniel’s ‘Antidote’ MV teaser.

The singer will be back with his third mini-album ‘YELLOW’ on April 13. The album contains 6 songs of various music genres, including the title track “Antidote.”

Check out their comments below!

“I can’t wait to hear the song”

“Why is he running so good?”

“I’m curious about the choreography and all the songs”

“Kang Daniel’s concept and music video have such a great color that you don’t really need to adjust it”

“I want to listen to the whole song”

“Daniel will comeback on the 13th. I am already happy”

“I can’t wait to see the music video”

“Wow, the thumbnail is pretty”

“The first scene is like the beginning of a ballet movie”

“Wow he looks good in a white t-shirt and jeans”

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