Netizens Praise Bae Suzy’s Pure & Innocent Beauty In Latest Instagram Update

Singer and actress Bae Suzy shares new selfies. 

On March 3, Bae Suzy posted three new photos on Instagram along with the caption, “It’s been a while since I took a selca.

In the pictures, Suzy is showing off her innocent charm with her big eyes and doll-like features. In particular, Suzy’s unrivaled beauty catches the eye.

Fans left many comments, “It’s been so long that I almost forgot your face,” “You’re so pretty omg,” “Goddess,” and “Yes, so long time no see your pretty selfie. We miss you, Suzy.”

Meanwhile, Suzy met her fans on January 23 through the online fan concert ‘Suzy: A Tempo’ to celebrate her 10th anniversary.

Check out the pictures below!

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