Kang Daniel Ranked 1st On The Idol Chart For 157 Weeks In A Row

Singer Kang Daniel topped the idol chart rating in the third week of March 2021.

According to the idol chart, the multi-talented artist ranked first with 656,835 votes for 157 weeks in a row.

Following Kang Daniel, Lee Chanwon (84,773 votes), BTS Jimin (61,316 votes), Kim Hojung (51,076 votes), BTS V (34,634 votes), Song Gain (33,103 votes), BTS Jungkook (16,498 votes), followed by BTS Jin (14,473 votes).

Kang Daniel also received 66,169 ‘Likes,’ which measure the actual size of his fandom.

In other news, Kang Daniel announced the date of his upcoming comeback with the album “Yellow.”

Congratulations to Kang Daniel!

Source: (1) Photo: Konnect Entertainment

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