STAYC Yoon And J Shows Off Their Innocent Charms For ELLE Korea

STAYC Yoon and shows off their lovely beauty.

On March 25, ELLE Korea has released images of STAYC Yoon and J from their April issue. In this pictorial, the girls wows with their new looks and innocent charms.

In the interview after the photoshoot, they talked about the importance of having a healthy body and mind. Yoon said, “It’s time to think that you can do that even when you can get stressed.”

 J said, “I tend to take good care of my mind. Recently, I received a book called “To You Who Are Worrying Because You Have A Lot of Worries” as a birthday present from Seeun, and I am learning how to deal with my tired mind while reading it.”

Meanwhile, STAYC will make a comeback in April.

Check out the girls’s photoshoot below:

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