Knetizens React To IU ‘Flu’ MV Teaser

Knetizens expressed their thoughts over IU‘s ‘Flu‘ MV teaser.

On March 11, IU released the music video teaser for the new song ‘Flu’ on Youtube. “Flu” is a track from her upcoming album, “LILAC,” which will be released on May 25.

In the video, IU shows off her perfect appearance as she dances in an all-white outfit before fainting on the floor.

On “theqoo” website, with more than 300 comments, knetizens expressed their love and support for IU’s upcoming comeback.

Check out their comments below!

1. She’s such a good dancer

2. The song is good

3. I love the concept and the choreography

4. Her voice is a treasure

5. The choreography is about catching a cold, right? It’s unique and nice

6. I like IU who always tries different things

7. I’m looking forward to it because it looks like a good choreography

8. She has a beautiful dance line

9. She sings and dances so well

10. She’s losing a lot of weight ㅠㅠ But she’s definitely pretty and the song is so good, this album is totally my style

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