TWICE Are The New Faces For Kyungnam Pharm’s Vitamin C Powder ‘Lemona’

TWICE has become the new faces of Lemona.

On March 9, Kyungnam Pharm announced that it has selected TWICE as Lemona models.

Lim Dohyung, the executive director of Gyeongnam Pharmaceutical’s public relations division, said, “TWICE is the best group in the music industry, which is loved by domestic and foreign fans. We ask for your interest in online and offline activities.”

“We are planning to launch Lemona Line’s new products and TWICE’s collaboration products,” he added. “We will do our best to become a global vitamin brand beyond Korea as we continue to grow solid sales following the previous year.”

Lemona achieved its biggest sales last year and plans to solidify its position in the Japanese market with Twice.

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