Knetizens Have Mixed Reactions Over aespa NingNing’s New Short Hairstyle

Knetizens share their opinion over aespa NingNing‘s new short hair.

Recently, aespa’s maknae NingNing has shared with fans new photos with her new hairstyle on social media.

On “theqoo” website, with more than 500 comments, knetizens appreciated her new short hair while others think it wasn’t a good choice.

Check out their comments below!

1. It kind of looks like Chinese styling. Is it because she’s Chinese?

2. She’s so unique and pretty

3. The more I see her, the more attractive she looks

4. She’s better without bangs

5. She looks like Sakura

6. I heard earlier that it’s because of the hair bleaching

7. Who cut her hair like that…

8. I can tell she’s really from China

9. I think her hair was popular when I was in elementary and middle school

10. What the hell is that? I’m upset 

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