Red Velvet Yeri Donates 10 Million Won For Singles Mothers On Her Birthday

Red Velvet‘s Yeri celebrated her birthday by making a generous donation.

On March 5, Yeri donated 10 million won to the Jusarang Community’s baby box, which supports single-mother families and baby box infants.

The Jusarang Community provides baby care kits and financial support to more than 100 single mothers.

Yeri plans to produce and deliver a customized special care kit to single mothers who raise children under 36 months old alone.

Through her agency, SM Entertainment, Yeri said, “I wanted to share and repay the love I’ve received for my birthday.”

“I hope everyone, including children, will be healthy and cheer up during difficult times with Corona 19.”

Meanwhile, Yeri recently made her acting debut on tvN’s “Drama Stage 20201” “Mint Condition.” 

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