Knetizens React To (G)I-DLE Soojin’s Temporary Hiatus Following Her Bullying Scandal

Knetizens shared their opinion about (G)I-DLE Soojin’s hiatus.

On March 4, Cute Entertainment released a statement announcing that Soojin will not continue her activities with (G) I-DLE for a while.

Through comments posted by knetizens on the “theqoo” site, many hope that Soojin will retire from the group following her bullying allegations.

Check out Knetizens comments below!

1. I’m sorry for the other members

2. Leave~ Retire~

3. Oh, please don’t hurt the others and go

4. Cube is doomed. Everything’s ruined

5. It was my favorite girl group. Bye, bye

6. It’s a shame that the perpetrator ends up eating well and living well

7. Victims… that’s ridiculous. I’m glad you’re on vacation.Take a good rest and come back!

8. Irene won’t leave either, so she’ll come out of it

9. Paid vacation

10. The only thing that’s left is to do well. Why are they making such a pathetic choice?

11. If she doesn’t admit it, why the hiatus? It’s ridiculous

12. I’m not going to listen to their songs anymore

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