CHUNGHA And LOCO Are The New Brand Ambassadors For Reebok Korea

Chungha and LOCO are the new faces of Reebok.

On Mach 5, Reebok Korea has announced its brand new ambassadors through a statement.

The company said, “LOCO and Kim Chungha are two artists who have received great love and attention from the young generation for their unique and stylish music and their smart and trendy fashion styles. We look forward to their depiction of ‘Reebok’.” 

The two singers will begin promoting the brand by joining the “Classic Leather Legacy” campaign this March.

Meanwhile, Chungha has just made a comeback with the song titled ‘Bicycle,’ while LOCO released the album ‘Some Time’ on October 14.

Congratulations to Chungha and LOCO!

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