Knetizens Have Mixed Reactions Over Cha Eunwoo Becoming An Exorcist Priest In The Drama ‘Island’

Actor Cha Eunwoo is expected to appear in OCN’s new drama “Island.”

On March 2, Eunwoo’s agency Fantagio said, “Cha Eunwoo is positively considering appearing in “Island.”

The drama is a Korean fantasy exorcism based on a webtoon of the same name.

On an online Korean community, ‘the Qoo,’ South Korean netizens shared their opinion about the news.

Check out their comments below!

1. I’m looking forward to seeing this

2. I’m sure he’ll do well

3. His voice tone is not stable and his vocalization is really bad

4. EunWoo’s acting has improved, but… I hope he practices a lot and do a good job

5. Aside from being able to act, I don’t even think he’s good-looking…

6. Wasn’t it Im Siwan? Why did it suddenly change?

7. This character’s difficulty is extreme. It’s gonna be hard for him to act

8. He’s got a nice face.I wish I could practice acting and vocalization

9. Cha EunWoo is really bad at acting. I don’t like him

10. I’m satisfied because Cha Eunwoo has a good physique

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