GOT7 Youngjae Talks About His Solo Album And How To Deal With Bad Thoughts With The Star Magazine

GOT7 Youngjae talked more about himself in a new interview.

On March 2, The Star magazine released GOT7 Youngjae’s photoshoot for its March issue. Under the theme of “BELIEVE IN ME,” Youngjae showed off his shining visuals and attractive charms.

In the interview after the photoshoot, Younjae talked about his desire to release a solo album. He confessed, “I want to show a different side of me through a ballad album.”

When asked about tips to overcome bad thoughts he said, “When I have bad thoughts I clean my house, wash the dishes piled up, and find and remove dust. Then I don’t think I’m going to have bad thoughts.”

When asked if he intends to create a YouTube channel he said, “I want to make one. I want to freely show cover or songs that I’ve made, and I want to share Vlogs.”

Talking about performing on stage, he revealed, “It’s too bad that I can’t perform or meet my fans since last year. I hope the day will come when I can enjoy the stage with my fans as soon as possible.”

When asked about Youngjae’s 2021 bucket list, he said, “It’s to top the music charts. if it’s not in 2021, maybe it can be in 2022 to win first place and promote more music.”

Enjoy the pictures below!

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