DSP Media Releases A Statement Regarding The Rumors Of Former Member Hyunjoo Being Bullied By APRIL Members

DSP Media released an official statement about Hyunjoo being bullied by APRIL members.

The agency said, “Hello, this is DSP Media. We are issuing our official statement regarding the situation between Hyunjoo and APRIL members. We will talk in detail about how Hyunjoo was chosen in APRIL and how she left.

Hyunjoo became our label artist as an actress trainee. When APRIL was created, Hyunjoo wanted to become an actress, but after a persuasion process, she and her family agreed to be part of APRIL.

After she debuted, due to her physical and mental condition, she had difficulty participating in APRIL activities. Because of this, there were lots of conflicts, and other members were also affected.

“Everyone has been complaining of pain through hard times, and it was clear that no one could be divided into perpetrators or victims based on the circumstances or the judgment of the situation at the time.”

DSP Media said, “In the end, Hyunjoo expressed her intention to leave the group during Tinkerbell promotion. We tried to stop her, but she insisted. It is our responsibility that Hyunjoo and the APRIL members had a hard time.

After that, we supported her so that she could become an actress. Please refrain from expanding and reproducing unconfirmed facts and rumors..

Earlier, Hyunjoo’s younger brother revealed that her sister’s departure from APRIL was due to her being bullied by the group.

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