JYP Entertainment Denied ITZY Lia’s Bullying Allegations

Recently, an online community posted an article about ITZY Lia‘s alleged school violence.

In response, Lia’s agency JYP Entertainment said, “Last year, the writer was accused of defamation by spreading false information, and the investigation is currently underway. We are waiting for the results according to legal procedures.”

The agency added, “We will take strong legal action against acts that undermine the reputation of artists and hinder their activities through malicious comments and dissemination of false information in the future.”

Earlier on the 24th, an online community posted an article titled “I am a victim of school violence by a famous girl group born in 00.”

The author claimed that the perpetrator borrowed his money and did not pay it back, and committed school violence such as swearing and bullying.

Currently the article has been deleted.

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