CUBE Entertainment And (G) -IDLE Soojin’s Alleged Victim Will Meet Today

Cube Entertainment‘s legal team and (G) -IDLE Soojin‘s accuser are gonna meet today.

‘A’ and his attorney agreed to meet with Cube’s legal team at 1 p.m. this afternoon demanding Soojin’s sincere apology.

‘A’ demanded Soojin’s admission of the crime and a direct apology, but Cube reportedly proposed a meeting with the legal team to find out the facts first.

Previously, ‘A’ uploaded a post on an online forum revealing that his younger brother had been the victim of bullying by Soojin and experienced mental pressure. 

Cube strongly denied the alleged school violence and said in an official statement, “We will take all possible measures against those who post indiscriminate false information for malicious purposes in the future.”

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