BTS Wows With Their Perfect Vocals At ‘MTV Unplugged’ + Netizens Reactions

BTS wows with a new live performance.

On February 24, BTS was a guest star on ‘MTV Unplugged,’ one of the prestigious United States music programs.

BTS sang a total of five songs on the show: “Dynamite,” “Telepathy,” “Life Goes On,” and “Blue & Grey.” BTS also mesmerizes with covering the song ‘Fix You’ from the famous band Coldplay. They said, “It’s a surprise for our fans. We prepared a cover because we wanted you to be comforted by this song.”

Fans commented, “BTS vocals and visuals are not a joke. Their vocals and visuals are masterpieces,” “Why am I staring at the screen smiling like an idiot?” “The most beautiful moment in life is when they’re complete with 7 members,” and “The only musical legends ever.. Really iconic. BTS has paved everyone’s heart

Check out the videos below!

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