Stray Kids Hyunjin Accused Of Being A Bully

Stray Kids Hyunjin has been embroiled in allegations of school violence.

On February 22, an article titled “Stray Kids Hwang Hyunjin Revealed School Violence” was posted on an online community.

A, who said he was a middle school classmate with Hyunjin, revealed he was assaulted and added, “When Hwang Hyunjin debuted as an idol, my memories come back to my mind every time I see him on TV.”

The netizen said, “I didn’t expect Hwang Hyunjin to debut as an idol loved by many people. I may have made a lame excuse that I was a kid, but I didn’t even think that he would become an idol, so I couldn’t gather any evidence, just school certification, my memories, and my friends’ testimonies.”

There were two reasons why Hyunjin tried to bother me in the class chat group at that time. One of them was that he didn’t like the fact that I asked him to close the back door of the classroom when he always sat in the back. Second, my friend who had to do lunch assignments to get lunch, because she wasn’t on the school meal plan. Hyunjin didn’t like it, and criticized my friend, saying, ‘I don’t like you getting a lot of lunch. You are the reason why other students can’t eat lunch. 

In particular, he said he heard abusive language and sexual harassment from Hwang Hyunjin and many other male students in the class’s group chat room.

He added, “I think violence should not be justified for any reason. I want a direct apology.”

In response, Hyunjin’s agency, JYP Entertainment, is currently checking whether those accusations are true or false.

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