MONSTA X I.M Looks Elegant And Attractive For ARENA Homme+

MONSTA X I.M wows with his intense beauty.

On February 22, Men’s fashion magazine ‘Arena Homme Plus’ released Monsta X I.M’s photoshoot for its March issue.

Under the theme of “I.M. WHAT I AM,” I.M. posed next to Gothic stone buildings and sculptures, showing off his abs and elegant charms.

In the interview after the photoshoot, I.M. said about his first solo album, “If MONSTA X’s song is a powerful sound that captivates the public, my color feels calm and groovy.”

When asked what kind of artist he wanted to be in the future, he said, “I thought about it a lot. However, the idea of “I’m going to be an artist like this” seems to set me in a frame.”

“I want to make what I felt at that time into a song, release what I want to release, like what I like, and be honest with myself.”

Check out I.M’s photoshoot below!

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