(G) I-DLE’s Soojin Personally Denies Bullying Allegations

(G) I-DLE Soojin directly denied allegations of school violence.

On February 22, Soojin directly expressed her feelings through the fan cafe, saying,  “I was a student who stood out in school and there were always bad rumors following around. Yes, I’ve smoked a few times out of curiosity and dressed in clothes inappropriate for my age.”

“What I can say for sure is that I have never assaulted my friend, never rode a motorcycle, and never sent a group text leading to bullying. I have never stolen a school uniform or stolen anything.”

Regarding the alleged school violence with actress Seo Shinae, Soojin said, “I have never had a conversation with actress Seo Shinae when I was a student. I am sorry that this incident seems to have caused damage to this person.”

Lastly, Soojin said, “I’m sorry for causing a stir in my personal life. I’m sorry for all the people who were hurt by the shameful behavior.”

Seo Shin Ae and Soojin are from the same Wow Middle School, and there was speculation that Soojin was one of the people who bullied Seo Shin Ae.

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