Stray Kids ‘My Pace’ MV Exceeded 100 Million Views On YouTube + Fans Reactions

Stray KidsMy Face‘ MV hits 100 million views.

On February 20, the music video for ‘My Pace’ released by Stray Kids in August 2018 exceeded 100 million views on YouTube. 

“My Pace” is now the fourth Stray Kids’ music video to have 100 million views, following “God’s Menu,” “MIROH,” and “Back Door.”

Stray Kids is also the first 4th generation boy group who reached 100 million views four times.

Fans commented, “This video finally reached 100 million views, congratulations Stray Kids you deserve it,” “Yeay Happy 100M,” “Stray Kids world domination,” and “Congratulations Stray Kids for another 100 million views.”

Recently, Stray Kids has been selected as “The K-Pop Boys That Could Break In America In 2021” by Forbes in the U.S.

Check out the music video again below!

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