Kang Daniel Gives Goosebumps In The Intense “Paranoia” Special Performance

Singer Kang Daniel wows in a new dance video.

On February 19, KONNECT Entertainment unveiled a special performance video of Kang Daniel’s new digital song “Paranoia.”

In the video, the singer attracts all eyes in an all-black outfit and grey hair. In particular, the camera lights, the choreography, the song… everything screams perfection!

Fans left many comments, “Kang Daniel is so amazing and talented,” “He was first place on Produce 101 for a reason,” “Kang daniel is going to dominate the world and nothing and no one can stop him,” and “Whoever choreographed this deserves an award.”

“Paranoia” is Kang Daniel’s new song released six months after the mini-album “MAGENTA” last year.

Check out the video below!

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