TWICE Momo Looks Attractive In The ‘TWICE PERFORMANCE PROJECT’ Teaser + Fans Reactions

TWICE Momo wows with her powerful dance movements.

On the afternoon of the 18th, a video titled ‘TWICE PERFORMANCE PROJECT Teaser‘ was posted on TWICE’s official YouTube channel.

In the 31-second teaser video, the Japanese TWICE member showed an energetic and sexy performance, slaying with her strong stage presence.

Fans commented, “WOW this new project is going to be amazing,” “No one can stop her, Momo is just on another level,” “She is the best female dancer in Kpop,” and “JYP’s greatest decision was when he choose Momo to be the 9th member.”

Meanwhile, the music video for “KNOCK KNOCK” surpassed 500 million views, and the number of YouTube subscribers reached 10 million.

Check out the video below!

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