Kang Daniel’s ‘PARANOIA’ Music Video Hits 10 Million Views On Youtube + Fans Reactions

Kang Daniel‘s ‘PARANOIA‘ MV reaches 10 million views on Youtube.

On February 18, Kang Daniel’s new music video for the digital single ‘PARANOIA’ exceeded 10 million views in just two days since its release.

“PARANOIA” is a new song released by Kang Daniel six months after his mini-album “MAGENTA.”

Fans commented, “We’re already got 10M. Congrats Danity,” “Paranoia is a masterpiece,” “Kang Daniel slays,” “10 Million. Keep streaming,” and “Who u are MV use 4 days to reach 10M this mv only use 2 days and a few more hours to reach 10M Danity we did a great job.”

Check out the music video again below!

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