Knetizens Adore Kang Daniel‘s ‘Paranoia‘ New Music Video

Knetizens expressed their love for Kang Daniel‘s ‘Paranoia‘ new music video.

On February 16, Kang Daniel made his comeback with the digital single ‘Paranoia.’ In the music video for the new song, the singer impress with a powerful choreography and his honey voice.

In a popular Korean online community, with more than 500 comments, Knetizens praised Kang Daniel’s new work, loving the cinematography of the music video and the quality of the song.

Check out their comments below!

“It’s addictive”

“His singing and acting have improved a lot”

“That’s a great song and the music video is awesome”

“I like the low-pitched rap part of the second half”

“Wow, that’s awesome. I’ve seen it so many times”

“I think he’s getting better. I hope he keeps doing this kind of concept”

“This kind of concept really suits him”

“Smells like money. I can see the investment”

“The handwriting on his forehead is so nice”

“The music video quality is no joke”

“Daniel is the best”

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