Knetizens In Love With Kang Daniel’s ‘Paranoia’ MV Teaser

Knetizens expressed their thoughts over Kang Daniel‘s ‘Paranoia‘ new MV teaser.

On February 12, Kang Daniel unveiled the second music video teaser for his upcoming digital single ‘Paranoia.’

In a popular Korean community, many knetizens expressed their desire to watch the full video, impressed by Kang Daniel’s voice and dance moves.

Check out their comments below!

“Wow, that’s so cool”

“I’m curious about the song”

“Wow, I really want to see the full version”

“I can’t wait. We have four days left”

“I want to hear the whole song. Excited”

“The music and the styling and the choreography are amazing”

“He’s getting better and better. I can see he’s growing”

“It’s addictive. It keeps ringing in my ears”

“Oh, great beat, great song, great choreography”

“I can’t wait to see the stage”

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