Knetizens Are Disappointed With aespa’s Virtual Avatars In ‘Forever’

Knetizens expressed their diappointment for aespa‘s virtual avatars in ‘Forever.’

SM rookie group’s aespa recently returned with the cover titled ‘Forever.’ The single ‘Forever’ is a remake of Yoo Young-jin’s song ‘Forever’ from her winter season album “Winter Vacation In” released in 2000.

At the end of the ‘Forever’ music video, aespa’s virtual members made their appearance, attracting everyone’s attention.

On a popular Korean community, many netizens expressed their disappointment about the quality of the virtual members has decreased compared to aespa’s debut with ‘Black Mamba.’

Check out their comments below!


“Just throw that avatar away, please ㅠㅠ”

“Can’t we just change the costume of the characters as a whole? ㅜㅜ”

“Karina’s AI is too bad”

“Why are they wearing the same clothes?”

“I really can’t get used to it”

“They don’t look like them and they are not even pretty. Why do they keep appearing?”

“If you’re going to try something weird,  you’ll have to improve the quality”

“All the girls are pretty, but Avatar’s not very good”

“AI are different from Black Mamba… At least change their costume ㅠㅠ”

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