aespa Wows With Their Vocals And Visuals In ‘Forever’ + Netizens React

aespa is back with a new music video.

On February 5, aespa released the music video for their second single since debut titled ‘Forever.’

The single ‘Forever’ is a remake of Yoo Young-jin’s song ‘Forever’ from her winter season album “Winter Vacation In” released in 2000.

Through the music video, aespa showed off a more feminine image, different from their debut song ‘Black Mamba.’

Fans commented, “Everyone is literally a visual and vocalist omg,” “Perfect for the cold weather,” “Vocal Queens,” “Aespas’s vocal line: Aespa,” and “Only in aespa we always confuse who is the main vocal tho… Lol.”

Check out the video below!

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